calligraphy   붓글씨
ink stick  
counter for ink sticks   ~자루
to rub down an ink stick (with water, into ink)   먹을 갈다
an ink stone   벼루
a writing brush  
brush case   붓집
brush stand   붓통
tip of a brush   붓끝
stem of a writing brush   붓대
brush cap   붓두껍
to make strokes with a brush   붓질 하다
ink   먹물
to smear with ink   먹칠 하다
ink pad case   먹통
ink well   먹물통
calligraphy (penmanship)   서예, 서법
calligrapher   서예가
brush painting (art)   예서
writing in seal characters (ancient, archaic characters)   전서
cursive ('scribbly') style of calligraphy   초서 입문
ancient ('squarish') style of calligraphy   예서 입문