Cooking Terms

to cut (up)   자르다
to chop (up), mince, hash   다지다
to slice thinly   얇게썰다
to slice, chop   썰다
to grate, grind   갈다
to peel (the skin)   (껍질) 벗기다
to stir, whip, beat   젓다
to mince   잘게썰다
to stir, beat, churn   휘젓다
to saute, fry (in oil)   (기름에) 볶다
to be fried   볶이다
to pour   붓다, 따르다
to crush   놀러 부수다
to fill (A) with (B)   (A)를 (B)로 채우다
to add (B) to (A)   (A)에 (B)를 첨기하다
to put (A) in (B)   (A)를 (B)에 넣다
to combine (A) and (B)   (A) 와 (B)를 혼합하다
to mix (A) and (B)   (A) 와 (B)를 섞다
to stir, mix   섞다
to mix, combine (mixing ratio)   배합(률)
to cook   요리하다
to roast, broil, bake   굽다
to boil or cook (something) (usually in water)   삶다
to parboil   데치다
to deep fry, to fry in oil   튀기다
to steam   찌다
to mix up, mingle together   뒤섞다
to be mixed up   뒤섞이다
to grill, barbecue   석쇠에 굽다
to boil, heat (water or another liquid)   끓이다
to come to a boil (a liquid)   끓다
to season, dress   무치다
to knead   반죽하다
to whip, froth   거품을 내다
to salt, preserve   절이다
to boil, blanch   익히다
to season, spice (up)   양념을 하다
to fry, to cook (on a griddle)   부치다
to make, prepare   짓다