Brothers and Sisters

brother (of a male)  
younger brother   남동생
brothers or sisters of different mothers   이복
brother in law (sister's husband)   매부
brother in law (wife's brother)   처남
brother in law (husband's younger brother)   도련님
sister in law (woman's brother's wife)   올케
sister in law (younger brother's wife)   제수
sister in law (elder brother's wife)   형수
husband's sister   시누이
older sister (of a female)   언니
older sister (of a male)   누나
younger sister   여동생

Parents and Grandparents

father   아버지
mother   어머니
stepfather   계부
stepmother   계모
grandmother (maternal)   외할머니
grandfather (maternal)   외할아버지
grandparents   조부모
grandmother (paternal)   힐머니
grandfather (paternal)   할아버지

Sons and Daughters

son   아들
first born son   장남
second born son   차남
first born daughter   장녀
second born daughter   차녀
stepchild   의붓자식
stepson   의붓아들
stepdaughter   의붓딸
granddaughter   손녀
grandson   손자
one's dependents   부양

Aunts and Uncles

uncle on father's side   삼촌
uncle on mother's side   외삼촌
uncle (maternal aunt's husband)   이모부
uncle (paternal aunt's husband)   고모부
aunt (wife of father's younger brother)   속모
aunt (maternal aunt)   이모
aunt (paternal aunt)   고모


niece   여자조카
nephew   조카
cousin   사촌