Be awesome at Korean.

Learn Korean vocabulary and pronunciation with real native-Korean pronunciations, flashcards (text and audio), one-click word lookup for quick translation, and Romanization to help you learn how to read Korean.

Dictionary with Audio

Dictionary with Audio

  • Get suggestions as you type
  • Romanized Korean
  • One-click search in results
  • On-Screen Korean keyboard
Korean Audio FlashCards

Korean Audio FlashCards

  • Improve your pronunciation
  • Learn new words every time you use it
  • Test yourself at "catching" vocabulary out of context
Translation Helper

Translation Helper

  • Just paste in some Korean text and click a word
  • Automatically looks up the words you click
  • Keeps you on the same page to build translations
Korean/English FlashCards

Korean/English FlashCards

  • Test yourself at reading Korean or English
  • Korean Romanizations and audio
  • Improve your pronunciation
Korean Romanizer

Korean Romanizer

  • Turns Korean into easily readable English
  • Allows you to start reading Korean immediately
  • Helps you pronounce Korean and learn its nuances
On-Screen Keyboard

On-Screen Keyboard

  • Click the on-screen keys instead of typing
  • Interacts with your keyboard to help your typing
  • Type in Korean with an English keyboard

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  • Daily #Korean: 복수 (boksu): abdominal dropsy about 10 hours ago
  • Daily #Korean: 건강하다 (geon-ganghada): to be healthy 1 day ago
  • Daily #Korean: 유정탑 (yujeongtap): derrick 2 days ago
  • Daily #Korean: 뜻깊다 (deutgipda): to be significant 3 days ago
  • Daily #Korean: 자립하다 (jariphada): to establish oneself 4 days ago
  • Daily #Korean: 관찰 (gwanchal): survey (n.) 5 days ago


  • With the newly customizable audio flash cards, zKorean has become indispensable in my attempts to pronounce the formerly unpronounceable! :P Lee Zamastil
  • I have been trying to learn how to read and speak Korean on my own and this site has been VERY helpful.. Please keep up the FANTASTIC JOB !!! Kuri M
  • Your customer service is excellent. You've always been quick and helpful when I ran into trouble. Grace Lim
  • I don't use my paper dictionary anymore. zKorean offers more with pronunciations! I love it! Rachel Harding

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