Korean Pronunciation

Pronunciation of Korean can be tricky, but reading it is easier. Most people can memorize the sounds of Korean letters in a matter of days. Simply make some flash cards and drill, drill, drill. We've provided this page as an aid to understanding the sounds. The grammar lessons do not contain "Romanized" Korean (Hangul written out in English phoenetics) like this, therefore we strongly encourage you to study the Korean. Go to the Appearance page to get started.

To hear a native speaker voice these sentences, simply click the speaker Click to hear the pronunciation. next to the Korean sentence.

Note: you may notice that the sound of some letters change when next to each other, like ㅂ and ㄴ together make a "mn" sound instead of the expected "bn" sound.

I'm American.
제가 미국인입니다. Play audio
Che-ga meegookin imneeda.

I'm studying Korean.
한국말을 공부합니다. Play audio
Hangook-mal-ul kongbu-hamneeda.
or: Hangoong-mal-ul kongbu-hamneeda.

My name is Charles.
제 이름은 Charles입니다. Play audio
Che eerum-un Charles imneeda.

I like exercising.
운동을 좋아해요. Play audio
Oondong-ul cho-ah-haeyo.

He speaks English well.
저분은 영어를 잘 합니다. Play audio
Cho-boon-un yongo-rul chal hamneeda.

I live in Seoul.
저는 서울에서 살고 있습니다. Play audio
Cho-nun soh-ul-eh-soh salgo issumneeda.

Where do you work?
어디에서 일하십니까? Play audio
Oh-dee-eh-soh il-ha-shimni-gha?

(We're) eating now.
지금 식사하는 중입니다. Play audio
Chi-gum shiksa-hanun joong-imneeda.

This is delicious.
맛있어요. Play audio

Kim Mi Kyong is a student.
김 미경은 학생입니다. Play audio
Kim mee kyong-un hak-saeng imneeda.

It looks like rain.
비가 올 것 같아요. Play audio
Piga ol goht katahyo.

I can read Korean.
한글을 읽을 수 있어요. Play audio
Hangul-ul ilgul soo issoyo.

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