Korean Customs - Marriage and Weddings

Marriage in Korea is mainly in the western spirit - in a church or wedding hall. But getting there and the gifts are a bit different.

  • If you attend a wedding or funeral, it's customary to take a white envelope containing a sum of money. Handing cash to someone is considered rude except when paying a shopkeeper for merchandise.
  • Many marriages are still arranged by families through a matchmaker. While Koreans may date, often those dates are with individuals chosen by the family or matchmaker as possible mates. Koreans wouldn't consider displaying affection in public, and hugging or kissing would be considered a strong breach of etiquette. Repressing emotions, according to Confucianism, is a sign of culture.
  • It is not uncommon for the parents to move in with their eldest son and his wife. This shows the son's filial piety, or sense of devotion to one's parents.
You can find out more on the Dating page.

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