Korean Food Part II

Numerous meat dishes are available. The most popular of these is pulgogi (불고기), or "fire beef," which is thinly sliced marinated beef, marinated ribs, unmarinated sliced beef or unmarinated sliced pork. Some call it barbecued beef, and is appreciated by many Western people. It is broiled in a convex slotted brazier with a catcher for collecting the rich juices which can be made into a delicious soup after the meal. Kalbi (갈비), steamed or broiled marinated beef or pork short ribs, is also quite popular, and is more tender than pulgogi. Shinsillo is a delicious mixture of meat, fish, vegetables and bean curd. It is served simmered in a beef broth over a charcoal broiler with a small chimney. It is also sometimes served with eggs and gingko nuts.

Pibimbap (비빔밥) is made from cooked rice mixed with bits of meat, seasoned vegetables, and egg. It is sometimes prepared with koch'ujang (고추장), a red pepper sauce. Genghis Khan is made from thin slices of beef cooked in a broth mixed with vegetables, herbs, and spices. Broiled to-mi (도미) is red snapper served with sweet and sour vegetables. Other popular dishes are takmokam, stewed chicken; sojum kui, beef pieces barbecued on an iron-hot plate then dipped in salt and pepper; and kimpap (김밥), chopped meat and vegetables wrapped in rice and dried seaweed, usually served with a bowl of soup and pickled radishes.

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