Youth Culture - Music

A DJ spinning a disc.

Due to changes in popular music, this article is outdated.

Korean teens like music as much as any other. Weekly TV programs like Music Bank, Music Camp, and Pop Songs (인기 가요) show off the hottest music stars, some of which will only be popular for a month. At the time of this writing, 조성모, H.O.T., Baby V.O.X., and FIN.K.L. are popular musicians and groups with staying power. Male pop star 서태지 recently returned from the U.S. after 4 years on hiatus. His return caused an absolute mob at Kimpo international airport. H.O.T.'s crowds of screaming, crying teenage girls is reminiscent of the Beatles.

Korean pop music is varied in its genre. In Korea, you can listen to native ska, punk, techno, ballad, metal, industrial and rock. American pop music, as always, has numerous fans.

Music isn't limited to typical media. The popularity of digital PCS phones (cell phones, or hand phones as they are called in Korea) has led to the ability to download your favorite song into your phone and have it ring with that tune. This is useful since almost everyone over the age of 14 has a cell phone, and phones with similar rings are confusing, especially on the subway.

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